Art Gelembiuk, a successful manager and sales professional, has built a career in the energy and entertainment industries. He currently serves as Executive Director of AMLM Energy Consultants in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, where he trains and manages energy partners while monitoring pricing for major energy users. Working with school districts and towns, Art Gelembiuk facilitates energy savings in the millions of dollars.

Art Gelembiuk comes to his role with a background in sales. He has conducted numerous sales training programs including Prospecting Over the Phone, an initiative aimed at helping sales professionals make the best use of telephone marketing. Through this program, Art Gelembiuk encourages sales personnel to become comfortable with the telephone and to set aside regular periods of time for telephone marketing. He has also facilitated a number of other classroom and field training programs, many of which he conducted as a Regional Manager for TV Fanfare in Valencia, California.

Outside of his professional roles, Art Gelembiuk serves as a dedicated advocate for greyhound adoptions. He volunteers regularly with many greyhound rescue groups in his local area and beyond, and he has adopted a four-year-old greyhound from the Philadelphia Greyhound Rescue. He enjoys traveling to adoption outreach events and teaching others about the benefits of adopting a rescue dog.

Art Gelembiuk enjoys spending time outdoors and frequently bikes from Green Lane Park to Valley Forge National Park along the Perkiomen Trail. He also enjoys power boating on the Chesapeake and makes annual trips on the river to St. Michaels, Maryland, a crab-lover’s destination, as well as to Annapolis and Baltimore Inner Harbor.


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